Round-trip bus service will be available for $10.00 per person from the Manzanita Park & Ride Commuter Lot and from the Pohono Street Park & Ride Lot (just across the frontage road leading to Hwy. 101) in Mill Valley beginning at 8:45 AM on day of show and continuing throughout the day until 4:45 PM. Look for Yellow First Student School Buses. Please use the Manzanita Lot FIRST. When it is full, buses will leave from the Pohono Lot. Bus schedule is dependent on traffic up and down the mountain. Please plan to arrive early and allow ample time to get to the venue. Note that the last bus up to the Mountain Theater leaves Mill Valley at 4:45 PM. Stay tuned for more details about bus service as we draw closer to Sound Summit.

There will be two groups for buses departing Sound Summit following the show – Blue Group and Red Group.

Blue Group buses depart from the Mountain Theater entrance first, beginning at roughly 7:00 PM; Red Group buses depart beginning at roughly 8:00 PM. This so that we can move people from the venue to the buses in an orderly fashion following the concert. If you’re in the Red Group, we ask that you hang out just a bit to let the Blue Group board and then move into the bus line at the venue entrance.

We recommend purchasing Bus Passes in advance on our ticketing website. Bus Passes may also be purchased at Bus Lot locations on the day of show on a cash-only basis, pending availability.

There will also be a buses departing from the entrance of the Mountain Theater throughout the day once Sound Summit begins to shuttle concert-goers back to the Bus Lots in Mill Valley if so desired.